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How Do I Trick or Fool the SCRAM Ankle Bracelet
How Do I Trick or Fool the SCRAM Ankle Bracelet

The simple answer? Don’t even try. Though it can be tempting to try to outsmart the device, doing so could cost you big time. Tampering with the SCRAM ankle bracelet could result in jail time (or additional jail time if you have already spent time in jail for your DUI ...

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  • Teachers and DUIs

    Over the course of my many years handling DUIs I have had dozens of clients that were teachers. If you are a teacher that should be comforting to you. ...

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  • DUI with your kids in the car, not smart!

    What is going on in the world? There are several news stories recently about people getting arrested for DUIs with their kids in the car. I can assure ...

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  • New Senate bill targeting DUI drivers

    Anyone convicted of a DUI and reckless driving will soon be required to install a breathalyzer in the cars they own!! Senate Bill 1046 has been ...

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  • DUI on Military Base

    What to do when you are arrested for a DUI on a military base: This will depend on one question, are you in the military or not? I will address the ...

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  • Why should you care the NTSB wants to lower the legal limit to .05?

    Lowering the Legal Limit I get it, you don’t care about a DUI driver. You have no mercy and don’t feel sorry for them. Soon enough, it could be you. ...

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  • The right to remain silent in a DUI case

    If you only knew then what you know now! You know that old saying, “hindsight is 20/20?” There could probably no more appropriate saying for DUI ...

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  • Food for thought during power ball mania!!!

    Distracted driving is an absolute killer. My math could be a little off on this post but I think it gets the point across! There is a huge focus on ...

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  • DUI arrests increase countywide for Christmas holiday

    SAN DIEGO – Arrests for suspicion of drunk driving were up this year compared to last both countywide and statewide for the Christmas holiday, but the ...

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  • Local College Invites San Diego DUI Defense Attorney to Be Guest Speaker

    Grossmont College invited San Diego DUI Defense attorney Chris Sohovich to be a guest speaker to the students in the college’s Administration of ...

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