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How Will a DUI Affect My Medical License - My Nursing License or My Professional License

How Will a DUI Affect My Medical License - My Nursing License or My Professional License

Criminal Arrest or Criminal Conviction & Doctor Discipline in CaliforniaDoctor DUI

How Will a DUI Effect My Medical, Healthcare or Professional License and When Can the Medical Board Suspend My License?

Foremost, it is vital to contact us as soon as possible. There may be a chance to avoid
criminal charges being filed against you, as well as possibly avoid licensing accusations being published.

Additionally, you only have 10 days to schedule your DMV hearing in order to try and keep your license.

Furthermore, facts and evidence must be obtained with enough time to effectively organize your defense. Such evidence may include police reports, police video, witness statements, blood-testing procedures and results, etc. With every passing moment, things change. Favorable evidence can be lost or witnesses with favorable testimony may move away or memories can fade. The sooner you contact our office the better chance you have for the most favorable outcome on your case.

Do I Have To Report My Situation To The Medical Board of California?

One of the first questions I am asked by medical professionals is, do I have to or should I report my situation to the Medical Board of California?

The short answer is, YES. You should proactively report.

Having handled hundreds of DUI cases, I know the embarrassment and overwhelming hurdles you have already been put through to this point in merely receiving your DUI, and the real fight hasn’t even begun.

The fact is, per Bus Prof Code 802.1, systems are in place so that the Medical Board will eventually be notified of your situation and it can only help your situation to timely self-report. Conversely, it can only hurt you if you do not timely report.

Not only can there be disciplinary actions taken against a Medical professional, but such actions may be accessible to the public on the Medical Board’s website’s Disciplinary Actions / Licensing Alerts section.

There Is Likely a Timeline

Additionally, depending on whether your situation consists of a “misdemeanor” or “felony”… or whether you have been “indicted”, “charged” or “convicted,” there is likely a relatively short time-line in which you MUST report your situation to the Medical Board of California, which is accompanied with penalties if the time-line is not adhered to. [1]

The Medical Board of California’s Disciplinary Power and Options

Although the Medical Board of California is not a per-se ‘court’ or ‘judicial system’, it is vested with the power to discipline physicians and other medical professionals through various actions via the Administrative Procedures Act [2].

The Board may revoke or suspend your Medical license, the Board may restrict the physician and surgeon’s medical certificate or may impose various conditions and/or limitations on the medical professional’s practice of medicine. Additionally, it is within the Board’s discretion to decide none of the aforementioned steps and opt to issue a public or private warning. The general boundaries are set forth in the Board’s Disciplinary Guidelines.

Call Us As Soon As Possible

Many health care workers, medical professionals and personnel, child care providers as well as financial and real estate professionals may not fully comprehend the extent of consequences of an accusation. Working with an attorney as soon as possible can be vital in securing the best possible outcome for your case.

At the Law Offices of Christopher P. Sohovich we understand what is at stake both professionally as well as personally. Ideally you should contact us as soon as possible when you believe you may be in trouble. We’ll immediately go to work for you to put together your defense in order to obtain the best possible outcome for you. Call us at: (619) 326-8161.

1. See California B&P Code Section 802.1
2. See California Business and Professions Code Section 2000 et seq. See also California Code of regulations Title 16, Division 13 (Medical Board of California) and Bus. & Prof. Code § 2230(a).


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