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Experienced & Aggressive Defense DUI Charges

Improper Turning Movement VC22107 Attorney in San Diego

Fighting Alleged Violations of California Vehicle Code

One of the most common reasons people are pulled over for DUI is a violation of California Vehicle Code section 22107, improper turning movement. It states that “no person shall turn a vehicle from a direct course or move right or left upon a roadway until such movement can be made with reasonable safety” and that such movement can only be made after “the giving of an appropriate signal…in the event any other vehicle may be affected by the movement.” The key issue here is the “appropriate signal.” You don’t have to use a turn signal if no other traffic will be affected. So what does that mean?

How this situation often plays out is the person is driving down a road late at night with very little traffic except for a police officer. Unfortunately, the statute reads “may” be affected, so the prosecution will not necessarily have to prove someone was affected by your failure to use a turn signal, just that the potential existed that someone could have been affected. The judge’s decision is case-specific. How far was the other vehicle? Where was the other vehicle in relation to the driver? What was the other vehicle doing? There is some case law out of other jurisdictions that can persuade the court that the law did not contemplate the cop on the side of the road being affected when the legislation was written.

A skilled DUI defense attorney will be able to analyze the facts of your case, maximize the details in your favor, and argue a successful motion to suppress. Since this is likely to be the reason the police officer stopped you in the first place, a motion to suppress could be successful in getting all of the charges dismissed.

Contact The Law Offices of Christopher P. Sohovich by calling (619) 304-8865 if you have been charged with violating VC22107.

Defense Strategies for Every Case

If an officer has accused you of performing improper turning movement, you have the right to defend yourself. You will want the professional advice of an experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney to ensure that you are taking the right steps to protect yourself. We understand the different kinds of strategies that have effectively defended people in similar situations to yours and can apply the same proven approaches to your case.

There are many pieces of evidence we can use to help with your defense including:

  • GPS records of the police vehicles
  • Traffic cameras
  • Business cameras
  • Dash cameras
  • Body cameras

These are some of the most common resources that can provide direct evidence as to whether or not you violated VC22107. The more evidence there is of the alleged violation, the better your defense can become. It is important to retain an attorney who knows these laws and knows how to use them to your benefit.

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